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Sambhav Group takes extreme pride on being one of the most trusted builders in Navi Mumbai. We believe in nurturing people dreams of having our own home and give them an opportunity to turn their dream into reality within their budget.

Our Mission

The mission of Sambhav Group is to provide comfortable and affordable homes to all segment of the society. Sambhav group aims to provide an opportunity to everyone to afford a house and turn into their dream home. We firmly believe that our line of industry can flourish majorly through customer satisfaction. Value for money and Customer Satisfaction makes an integrated part of the foundation on which Sambhav Group Stand. Hence, objective is to meet desired expectations of customer by surmounting the obstacles and delivering the best which can be achieved.

Our Vision

Sambhav Group vision is to upgrade the lifestyle of lower budget income by delivering budgeted house which is economical and well planned. 1 RK and 1 BHK are constructed at Navi Mumbai, the planned township of Mumbai, exclusively for lower income group by providing modest rate, assisting in loan facility and managing to adjust with customer requirements. We thrive to bring prosperity and happiness to all our customers by providing fair practices and nurturing people trust and faith.

Our History

Mr. Kirti H Shah is the founder of Sambhav Group who entered the sector with real estate consultancy in the year 2007. In the year 2009, Mr. Kirti H Shah started with two projects which led to the establishment of SAMBHAV GROUP. Now, we are known name in Navi Mumbai with maximum projects at Karanjade, Panvel location, catering primarily to lower income group by developing budget homes. Our expertise lies in innovative thinking and delivering high quality work within stipulated time which eventually lead to cost effective construction.

From The Director's Desk

The foundation of Sambhav Group was laid with an objective to provide opportunity to lower income groups to afford home with best amenities possible. Our focus is exclusively on customer satisfaction as we believe it is important for survival in this industry. Sambhav Group is all about making people's dream of having our own house 'Sambhav'.

- Mr. Kirti H. Shah

OUR Projects

Aruna Shivam

Plot no. 22A, Sector no. 1, Karanjade

Bal Ganesh

Plot no. 11B, Sector no. 24, Kamothe

Deep Devansh

Plot no. 30, Sector no. 1, Karanjade

Deep Pride

Plot no. 95, Sector no. 03, Karanjade

Deep Rise

Plot no. 111, Sector no. 05, Karanjade

Deep Shivam

Plot no. 48, Sector no. 04, Karanjade

Jai Plaza

Plot no. 22, Sector no. 2A, Karanjade

Jai Sambhav LK Planet

Plot no. 119A, Sector no. 06, Karanjade

Neal Shivam

Plot no. 18, Sector no. 1, Karanjade

Shree Ganesh

Plot no. 03, Sector no. 6, Karanjade

Deep Destiny

Plot no. 33, Sector no. 2A, Karanjade

Sai Deep

Plot no. 36, Sector no. 5A, Karanjade

In this project 1 st think I like the location bcz just close to panvel and khandeshwar rly station and near by panvel hole sale market , I like to stay here.

Mr. Kishore Jadhav - Shyam Residency, Plot no. 98, sector no. 2A, Karanjade.

I m purchase this flat bcz Best node after Kharghar and Kamothe and is Developed by Cidco.

Mr. Rohit Ramesh Tembe - Aruna Shivam, Plot no. 22a, sector no. 01, Karanjade.

Karanjade is good location and Proximal to schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Markets and other daily needs.

Rupesh Parab - DEEP DEVANSH, Plot no. 30, sector no. 01, Karanjade.

This project is Pollution free environment.

Balu Vithal Rathod - Jai Plaza, Plot no. 22, sector no. 2a, Karanjade.

This project is under cidco node and in that the quality of construction is good.

Mr. Nikhil Arsekar - Jai Sambhav L.K. Planet, Plot no. 119A, sector no. 06, Karanjade.

In this location the conectivity available for us for ex. Auto, buses that why I buy this flat.

Mr. Pandharinath Mandhare - Shyam Residency, Plot no. 98, sector no. 2A, Karanjade.

This Project approved by leading financial institutions. In that A great investment opportunity for budget-Minded buyers looking for affordable property options and karanjade is best for affortable cost.

Mr. Anil Sudam loankar - Jai Plaza, Plot no. 22, sector no. 2a, Karanjade.

Karanjade is situated in the Lap of Nature with Beautiful Mountains on one side and Lush greenery on the other. Its Located at only 1 km from Proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport. Its Best place for Investment purpose also.

Mr. Mangal Ananda Bansode - Shree Ganesh, Plot no. 3, sector no. 06, Karanjade.

This project is near by panvel station, acctually its good location for stay but there is have some major problems like Water scarcity todays date cideco provide water tanker to those people who have oc and get possession.

Mr. Arun Deshpande - DEEP Shivam, Plot no. 48, sector no. 04, Karanjade.

In all completed projects sambhav group provide full tiles in kichen, bathroom and wc. This is the best thing for us.

Smita Vilas Salvi - Jai Sambhav L.K. Planet, Plot no. 119A, sector no. 06, Karanjade.

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